The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.

About the Shoes

Red high heels are the only female apparel men are allowed to wear in the Walk. Team outfits and banners/signs are encouraged. Sons are welcome to march along with fathers in their regular footwear. A pair of red pumps have been reserved for your feet! You will be wearing a two-inch red pump. Every effort has been made to assign you the correct size. It is advisable to bring along one pair of thick socks and one pair of dress socks. You will receive a pair of heels in exchange for your street shoes at the registration table. After the Walk, to retrieve your shoes simply return your heels to the registration table. These high heels are manufactured to fit mens feet. High heels are designed to fit snug on the foot. A variety of foot care items will be available at the First Aid station.  

How to Walk in High Heels

We have provided pictures to help demonstrate the fine-art of walking in high heels. As you can see from previous years’ walkers – it’s not as hard as it looks. You may even have a bit of fun doing it!   Here are some additional tips to walking in heels, runway-tested by your favourite super model.

• Make sure your shoes fit you well • Wear your shoes a few times to break them in before you participate in the walk • Wear band-aid to prevent blisters • Practice standing in high heels so you can get a sense of the shoes and your posture • Put your shoulders back • Tuck in your stomach • Stick out your chest • Land on the balls of your feet and not your heels • Use your thigh muscles when you lift your feet • Walk one foot in front of the other • Take your time to walk the first few steps to avoid tripping • Walk confidently and have fun!


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