The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.


A few comments in regards to the 2012 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® London ON event held on Sunday, September 16, 2012 have been received. Take a look at what some of those involved had to say.
“We’re proud of our whole team – especially our guys doing the walking. It’s something that was out of their comfort zone but that’s what creative agencies are all about -- pushing beyond what’s expected.” - Mary-Ellen Willard, Partner, Surge Communications
“We got involved because we wanted to support our client, Tender Tootsies. Plus, it’s a unique and fun way to raise money for a pretty serious issue that affects our entire community.” - Mary-Ellen Willard, Partner, Surge Communications
"A few days after the event I talked with a friend about the Walk and the Women’s Community House, and mentioned how I knew a number of woman who have been through physical and sexual violence. She was surprised to hear this and said something along the lines of 'I haven't heard about it happening from anyone I never hear about this stuff'. Hearing this reminded me why I chose to walk and why raising awareness about violence against women is so important. This is a problem in our society that needs to be brought out from the shadows and into the public light for discussion and action. I walked because I believe in the work of the WCH. I believe men must take a stand and be part of the solution until all forms of violence and discrimination against women cease to exist, and if getting pledges to walk around in red pumps helps contribute to this goal then I’m happy to show off my blisters." - Brian Venne, Team Western Anthropology Graduate Society


“Participation in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event is an important statement that men can make in terms of supporting an end to violence against women. As caring grandfathers, fathers, husbands, partners, and sons we have a deep and abiding respect for women and our presence at the Walk clearly demonstrates that we will not tolerate sexual and gender violence!” – Brad Duncan, Chief of Police, London Police Service Team Member
“I came along to watch my Dad’s Team Chil-Con on their first walk and last year my older brother went so I asked if I could walk too. It was exciting to be part of the team and funny to wear the shoes because mine were a different type that were higher. I knew we were raising money for Women’s Community House but I didn’t really know what for until my Mom explained that there are women and children out there who don’t live like we do and are scared to be at home and need a safe place to go when they have to get away. I had a great time and my feet didn’t even hurt too much. Thanks for letting me join the Walk!” - Duncan, age 10, Chil-Con Team Member *Being 10, he was very proud to be the youngest walker.
“My Dad’s Team Chil-Con has participated in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes in London for 3 years and this is my second time walking with them. My parents have taught me that helping people should be a part of our lives and this walk seemed like a simple and fun way to help Women’s Community House.” – Conner, age 17, Chil-Con Team Member
“Alex Barclay, our VP & General Manager, asked me three years ago if we thought we could raise funds for Women’s Community House in London to which he had direct ties. Realizing that this was a unique type of fund raiser for a very worthwhile cause our entire company got behind the idea that very first year and have continued through to this year. Sadly, I believe nearly all of us know or have had close contact with someone who knows a woman who has needed this type of resource. It is disconcerting knowing that shelters like Women’s Community House have become a necessity. This fact, along with our continuing effort to give back to our communities, fuels our participation in events like this. Our team this year consisted of 3 Chil-Con employees supported by 5 sons in total. Despite our current work-sharing program at our company, the individuals in our company contributed almost $200 out of pocket during our collection over a couple days from the support team behind the scenes. My wife Cathy’s support of my participation in worthwhile causes and her ability to encourage contributions from family and friends ultimately increases the amount of financial aid we can pass along. It is encouraging to us that our boys are learning our own views on giving back to society in any way that you can. We look forward to participating in this event for years to come.” – Darc McFadden, Chil-Con Team Member
“We had a fantastic time during the walk and what a great day it was.” - Russ McAffer, Community Services Department City of London Team Member
“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a fantastic opportunity to draw community attention to a very serious subject and help support Women’s Community House in funding much-needed programs. It is a perfect opportunity for men to get involved to create awareness about this very serious issue and be part of an international movement to end violence against women and children. This was my third time participating in the “Walk” and I thoroughly enjoy participating and watching this event evolve into a first class event and fundraiser. ” – Bradley Carrothers, London Police Service Team Member
“Oxford Dodge has always been a Community supporter over the years, from the Missions Services Food Drive at Christmas, My Sister’s Place, and even this month’s Run For the Cure for Bresat Cancer Research, but making aware the plight of women abused by the men who should protect and care for them is an important issue that doesn’t seem to go away. We are proud to support the effort of Women’s Community House.” – Mike Tansey, Oxford Dodge Team Member
“It was a pleasure to assist Women’s Community House. My reason for supporting this event is intensely personal. The woman I love lived through years of mistreatment at the hands of another, and I want to do whatever I can to ensure that women in my city have a place of refuge when they find themselves in a similar situation. I could not be there for her when she needed me – the least I can do is Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.” – Jeff Wareham, Investment Advisor, MGI Securities
“I was proud to be a member of the event steering committee again this year. Women’s Community House provides an essential service to women and families in need each and every day. Thank you to everyone who supports their very important work.” – Matt Brown
“This was my first year [being involved with the Walk] and the organization was unbelievable. It was very nice to see all the support from the men in our community. The day seemed effortless even though I know how much work is put in prior to, and on the day of, the Walk. I was fortunate enough to be able to grab some pictures for a co-worker and maybe because my children are little I had a moment when I caught a picture of a little boy maybe two wearing his Dad’s Walk a Mile shoes. I thought how great is this, the man that is going to be this child’s primary model of how a grown man behaves and acts brought his son, our future men and as this boy grows older and looks back, he and his Dad in the red pumps took steps in a walk to end woman abuse. I thought the walk was fantastic!” – Sandie, WCH Inventory Coordinator

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