The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.

Fun Awards For Walkers & Teams Raising Most PledgesMark Elliott profile pic

In 2012, a new award was implemented to recognize the hard work that individual walkers and teams put into gathering pledges in support of their Walk around Victoria Park and, ultimately, raising funds for Anova. In 2013, Al Murphy received the Shoe-per-man certificate as the individual walker who gathered the most pledges and Team Bluestone (Bluestone Properties) was awarded the Shoe-be-do award, the team with the highest pledges. These awards can be earned this year as well. Will you be that Walker or Team Walkers who raises the highest amount of pledges?

Fundraising Tips

The #1 reason people don't give is because - they are simply not asked. Seven quick steps to reach your personal goal of $1,000:

Step 1

Start by supporting yourself = $50 Ask four family members to contribute $50 each = $200

Step 2

Ask two additional family members $25 each = $50

Step 3

Ask ten friends to support you $25 each = $250

Step 4

Ask five co-workers to donate $20 each = $100

Step 5

Ask four neighbours to donate $20 each = $80

Step 6

Ask your boss for a company contribution = $50

Step 7

Send an email to everyone in your address book = $220 Total = $1,000 Congratulations – you have raised $1,000 to help women and their children as they take steps to walk away from domestic violence.

In addition:

Ask companies you deal with through work to sponsor you. Ask businesses you frequent for a donation (doctor, dentist, dry cleaners, etc.). Check with your company’s human resource department to see if they offer matching gifts.

Pledge form

Please hand in your pledges and pledge sheets at the Check-in Desk when you arrive. Download your pledge form.

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